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Boot Straps - Mushroom Style


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Take your game to the next level with the Monster Hockey Dynamic Response System. Increase your range of motion, angle of attack, and decrease pad response time and weight with our DRS Boot Straps. The shock cord system allows for greater flexibility while offering superior control of your pads.

At Monster, we understand why goalies wear their leather boot straps loosely- it allows your pads to rotate properly. But what you gain in flexibility, you sacrifice in pad response. The more slack you have in your straps, the more disconnected you are from your pads. Your legs move, and depending on how much slack is in your straps, your pad follows, sometimes with a pronounced delay. This delay in pad response can be the difference between an easy save and an ugly goal.

Our Dynamic Response Boot Straps eliminates this compromise. The strong yet flexible shock cord is the active component of this system. It not only allows for proper rotation of your pads but it also helps in pad recovery, helping your pads to return to their ready position. The shock cord also keeps your pads closer to your leg, virtually eliminating the pad delay you would encounter with loose boot straps.

This is the next level in pad design. Straps that actively respond to your movements, enhance your performance, and reduce the stress and strain on your joints. Take your game to the next level with Monster!

The Mushroom Style Boot Straps are designed for pads that use removable mushroom straps such as Vaughns, Bauers, and the CCM Eflex 2. Please check your pads for compatibility.

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